WESOB Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of truck bodies and trailers. Our products are trouble-free and feature advanced constructional solutions which make us stand out on the market. We specialize in manufacturing swap bodies for combined transport. We also develop custom solutions for intermodal transport.

The company was established in 1996. We are located in Strumień, in the south of Poland. The site covers 63 500 m2 of land, including 6500 m2 of assembly halls and office space. We approach each client’s needs individually, making sure our solutions perfectly fit the transportation conditions. In order to meet all clients’ expectations, we help to select body and chassis parameters depending on the characteristics of the transported goods. We take special care to provide products that are reliable and easy to use, which has earned us high esteem among carriers.

Our team is made up of young engineers who have brought in a number of creative and innovative solutions. Using Computer-Aided Technologies (Cax), our constructors thoroughly analyse problems arising during the construction or production stages and adjust the designs accordingly.

We have an impact on Polish container technology. As one of the leading manufacturers of BDF containers, fixed bodies and special solutions we continually develop, expanding our product range and growing our production and staff. We work hard to always be a few steps ahead of our competitors in container technology. Our products are visible on the roads across Europe. You can also see them at the prestigious IAA Commercial Vehicles International Motor Show in Hannover, where we participate in partnership with WECON. We also appear regularly at the Transport Logistic Fair in Munich.

See you on the road!

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WESOB – innovative and durable transport solutions
WESOB - masterful solutions
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Company Vision and Mission Statement


Wesob’s mission is to facilitate carriers’ work and cut down repair costs. We dream of trouble-free transportation, no downtime and no additional costs resulting from failing to keep transport contracts.

We work hard to:

  • Translate needs to concrete technological solutions.
  • Ensure professional consulting in possibly shortest time.
  • Offer the highest quality and a diversity of products.
  • Develop products that perfectly fit load characteristics.
  • Provide products that are reliable and easy to use.
  • Continually improve and develop our offer.
  • Design and create innovative solutions.
  • Develop solutions that are bound to become established on the transportation market.


  • Discover the future of combined transportation.
  • Be able to respond to all carriers’ questions.

We want to achieve this by:

  • The passion and courage to create things that are innovative and pioneering.
  • Developing creative and innovative thinking about container technology.
  • Approaching each client individually and carefully listening to their needs.
  • Watching the market and responding to new expectations.
  • Continuous upgrading of our staff’s qualifications.
  • Blurring the borders between our jobs and our private interests.
Understanding diverse customer's needs is key for us. Call us and check out for yourself.
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